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The Shipman Agency’s goal is to save our clients money! We accomplish this aggressively and effectively by cutting through the media clutter and confusion and passing the savings on to our clients. Our goal is to center on a client relationship based on trust and results with the business of integrity and vision; as well as communicating those qualities to a highly targeted audience, which produces results for our clients, sponsors and television shows in a manner that is affordable and successful.


Television Show Development and Production: The Agency works with independent producers, writers, art directors and Hollywood studios to produce a creative work of great media value to networks and the public in the form of highly viewed television shows. We produce and develop concepts that will most aggressively attract a national audience with Hollywood Star talent and our award-winning production team.

Production Company: The Shipman Agency, Inc is a full production house, incorporating all capacities of High Defination filming, editing, graphics, animation, sound, script writing, talent wardrobe and anything else you could ever imagine. If you can dream it, we can produce it!

Full Service Advertising Agency: Development, implementation creative, execution, image, media liaisons and media buying services are just a few of our extremely valuable services. We can take the smallest ideas and turn them into the most effective marketing campaigns for our clients and show sponsors. Everything from television commercials, radio, print, public relations, logo design, website and internet marketing are just a few of our successful campaigns and services offered.

Creative Development: The Shipman Agency’s creative team is award winning! We employee several Emmy award winners for art direction and creative concept for all of our clientele and television shows. We match the big ideas to the right medium and make them the best in visual sound, creative and content … truly spectacular and unique.

Strategic Development and Media Consulting: Sometimes clients want to be able to manage their marketing plan in-house due to budget restraints. The Shipman Agency, Inc, can provide valuable marketing strategies media planning, image development, advertising and research that can assist you in attaining marketing goals and increased sales.

Research and Development: Our research services will help you know your target audience and successfully help you capture the attention and income of your most effective customer base, therefore increasing sales, image and streamlining your advertising and marketing dollars.

Stop throwing away thousands of advertising and marketing dollars on campaigns that do not work! We will streamline your target audience and bring the results your advertising and marketing dollars should be creating. Call us today!

Your bottom line depends on it. After all, aren’t you in business to make money?