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About Us

Welcome to The Shipman Agency … One of the premiere advertising agencies and production houses in Texas.

We greatly look forward to serving you!

The Shipman Group owns five National television properties: Ammo and Attitude, The Right Stuff, Shot to the Heart, Untamed and Blood Lines. This is an unprecedented accomplishment within the outdoor industry, bringing two and half hours of programming per week to National viewership.

35 year seasoned Hollywood veteran in the worldwide media arena. Her creative ideas and no-nonsense, “tell it like it is” business style are legendary and have allowed her to rise to the top of her field among advertising agencies, television shows and production houses of her size nationwide. Shipman was once described in National print as “Aggressive, demanding, relentless and passionate, exactly what you want on your team and for your company!’”

Shipman has 30 Tellys and 4 People’s Choice Awards to her name and is the only Female Executive Producer within the programming outdoor genera in the world. She single-handedly changed and introduced women into the outdoor industry with her Nationally acclaimed hit television show:

“Ammo and Attitude”. “The Right Stuff” and “Shot to the Heart” were soon to follow.


Jan 2016 Shipman suffered a tragic accident that shattered her right clavicle, severed her pectoral muscles and trapezoid. Her amazing orthopedic surgeon rebuilt her and now her entire right chest and clavicle are pure titanium, steel cables and aluminum… a modern day bionic women. Shipman’s dedication to CrossFit has literately turned her into the female version of “The Terminator”

Ms. Shipman packs a lethal weapon of beauty and brains to form one of the most unique and results-oriented media houses ever created. Her current relationship with hundreds of Hollywood stars, studios, nationwide sponsors clients, media outlets and distributors allows her to continue to provide the commitment to excellence in marketing and adverting her clients and shows are accustomed to having.

Shipman began her career in 1986 in Hollywood, CA, where she began as an associate producer for the hit television show, “Love Connection.” Shipman own hit television show, “Krazy about California.” stayed in syndication for 10 years on the West Coast until her retirement in 1999.

In 2001 she came out of retirement to form The Shipman Agency, Inc. a full-service National advertising agency, television creation and production house. Her creative efforts have produced such hit television shows as “Your Custom Home,” “Glamour Girl”, and “The Glass Slipper Show.”

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